How to do a Wheelie on a Mountain Bike for Beginners Guide

Pulling off a few stunts with your mountain bike can be really fun and useful both at the same time. 

A wheelie can be a fun stunt to impress your friends and also a useful one to cross obstacles when you’re riding in the mountains.

However, if you’re struggling to perform a successful wheelie we’ve got a solution for you. We’ve formed a guide on how to do a wheelie on a mountain bike for beginners like you.

So, let’s spill some tea and see how you can get started with the wheelie-

How to do a Wheelie on a Mountain Bike for Beginners

Fear and fun. Two opposite words and giving us totally different emotions. And you’ll be able to feel both of them when you’re riding a mountain bike.

But if you get over the fear, you can have the fun of your life with your mountain bike just like any other expert mountain bikers do.

Anyhow, let’s check out the proper to perform a wheelie as it turns out to be fun-

Step 1: Proper Safety Precautions

There are several cases of small cuts, burns, and bruises when people have tried to perform a wheelie for the first time.

On the other hand, just a few precautions can help you avoid all those little casualties.

You need to make sure that you’re wearing all the safeguards on your hands and legs before you even start. 

Also, don’t forget the most important safety guard, your helmet.

Step 2: Check the Bike

It is the most essential duty for you to run a check on the bike. It is to ensure that everything is functional and smooth enough to perform the wheelie. 

You need everything proportionally active to perform the wheelie. Your brakes, the tires, and the chainset of the bike should be the star concerns of yours.

Also, it’s better if you make sure that your seat is lower than usual. It’ll help you increase the handling of the bike when you’re on one wheel.

Step 3: Perform the Wheelie

So, now get ready for the main performance. You have to balance yourself maintaining the speed on the bike and start off with a low to medium gear to have a balanced pace.

Now, position the peddle to 11 o’clock on your strongest leg. Now push your bike to bit forward and pull the front wheel of the bike with the additional help of the peddle. Don’t pull too hard or you’ll fall on your back.

Then press the rear brake as much as you need to maintain your balance on the bike. You just have to maintain the center of gravity and that’s the main trick for better performance. 


So, that’s what we had on how to do a wheelie on a mountain bike for beginners. Hopefully, performing a wheelie will be easy-peasy for you now.

However, we would suggest you not to hurry on the process. Because balancing is the main key in this case of a wheelie. The slower you paddle, the faster you master the balancing on the bike.

So, don’t push yourself too hard and keep practicing. You’ll be a master at wheelie before you even notice it in the future.

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