How to do a Wheelie on a Dirt Bike- Guide for Beginners

Dirt bikes are created to have fun off roads. You’ll see sports on the media where the dirt bikers show crazy mad stunts that almost feel impossible to pull off.

But there are stunts that you could pull off within a short amount of time. Like the basic wheelie with a dirt bike.

But the real question is how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike. The good news for you is that even though it feels near impossible to perform a wheelie, it’s quite easy. 

However, there’s a certain 3 easy steps process that we’ve organized which will make it easier for you to perform a dirt bike wheelie.

So, let’s get right into the details-

How to do a Wheelie on a Dirt Bike 

A wheelie is fun on a dirt bike but it is one of the most useful stunts when it comes to crossing obstacles. You can kind of go over obstacles like a bunny does in the wild.

Let’s see how you NOT to crash horribly and get the wheelie done easily-

Step 1: Do a Quick Check of the Bike

Your bike goes down, it takes you down with it. Because any kind of failure of your bike will smash you down to the ground and might cause you severe casualties.

So, you need to go through a quality check of your bike to enhance the true capability of your dirt bike. 

The air pressure in the tires, the clutch, the chainset and etc. Checking these should be your top priority to boost your confidence and high performance on your bike.

Step 2: Wear Safety Gears

Before you start practicing your wheelie, you need to prioritize your safety. So, grab your safety guards and helmet.

However, you’ll find plenty of cheap safety guards on the market for dirt bike riding. But you should always look up for the quality products that can at least take high impacts for you.

Step 3: Let’s Wheelie

It’s time to start your engine and get this show started. First, you need to use your legs to grip your bike firmly and then scoot back on the bike. 

Now, you need to be on constant gear. Choose your gear and rev up the engine with pulled in the clutch. When you’re ready, release the clutch all at once maintaining the throttle. 

And in the blink of an eye, you’re doing a wheelie on your dirt bike. To maintain your balance on the bike focus the center of gravity on the rear wheel and lightly push rear brakes when needed.

Bottom Line 

So, now you know how to do a wheelie on a dirt bike. Dirt bikes have immense power in them. So, it’s better if you take it easy in the first few trials of your wheelie.

It’s great that you have fun with your beloved dirt bike on the off-roads. But always make sure that you’re not exceeding the limit and calling out danger for yourself.

So, ride safe and have fun two-wheeler.

Last Updated on August 23, 2020 by David P. Lopez

David P. Lopez

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