How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Bike?


People who deal with bikes can do it in many forms. Apart from being just a user, it can be by being a bike dealer, buyer, seller or retailer. Even a user can also put himself/herself into one of these shoes. 

Nonetheless, if you can relate what we are talking about, you can also understand how important it is to make sure the bike transportation goes well. 

In this article we’re going to answer one of the primary questions regarding any sort of bike transportation. And that is- how much does it cost to ship a bike?

Are you onboard? Let’s go- 

How Much Does It Cost to Ship A Bike

When it comes to shipping bike from one place to another, the cost depends majorly on these factors- 

  1. The distance of the locations. 
  2. The size of the bike(packaging). 
  3. How it will be delivered to the recipient. 
  4. How fast the interested parties want the shipment to be. 

If you have got these answers in your hand, figuring out the cost will be easy. 

Usually, there are three kinds of shipping cost categories- 

Category 1: Budget Shipping

  • Estimated cost: $40-50 

This is a short distance shipment, where the pickup location and delivery location- both are within the same state of neighbor states. And the speed of the delivery will be also quite slow in this kind of shipment.

If you want to keep the cost minimum, you need to do your own packaging. Because shipping companies charge quite some bucks for packaging something as big as a bike.

Lastly, another part of such budget-shipping is picking up the bike by the recipient himself. 

Category 2: Bike Shipping Services

  • Estimated Cost: $80-180 

Shipping a sensitive thing like a bike is often separated from other means of product shipping. Therefore, there are a number of agencies that solely serve their users with bike shipping services. 

Some of these services are BikeFlights, ShipBikes, Sports Express etc. The one and only especially of them is to ship bikes with utter care. 

They can also do the packaging for you as well. But you need to pay more for that. 

Category 3: Mainstream Shipping Services

  • Estimated Cost: $100-300 

This is the most elite and hectic kind among all of the bike shipping services. This involves Federal, National and Internally operating courier and shipment services like FedEx, UPS etc. 

This kind of shipping is fast, takes utter care of the product, and comes with a number of outlets to send and receive products like bikes. Even you can ship overseas with the services. 

But the only downside is the charge. It’s almost double and triple of usual shipment costs. 

Bottom Line

This has been our guide on how much it cost to ship a bike. Hopefully, the image had been drawn clearly and helpfully enough to make your own decision. Keep an eye on the safety factors of the bike as well. 

Good luck!

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