12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair

If you are new to indoor cycling and looking for the best shoes for Peloton bikes, then you have wound up in the right place!

Let’s admit it, we were all once new to cycling and the world of bikes, cleats, and pedals, from choosing the right cycling bike to wearing suitable clothing, shoes, and other gears. As a beginner, I understand that those can be overwhelming.

With that, I created this review to hand you the information that will surely help in your buying process.

Read through the list of products I have hand-chosen to help you trim down your best options, as well as the factors to consider when choosing.

Recommended Best Shoes for Peloton Bikes

It is essential that you use the appropriate shoes designed for cycling to have comfortable and accident-free exercising. To make it easier for you to find the right pair, I gathered trustworthy brands and popular styles available in the market.

  1.  Tommaso Pista: Best Shoe for Women

Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes

Built for spin classes, everyday riding, and road riders, this Tommasa Pista is the best shoe for women because of its slim frame that allows for an ergonomic fit.


The upper layer of the footwear is made of durable, synthetic leather. It also has some portions made of ventilated mesh, which keeps your feet cool all the time.

Apart from that, it has a fiberglass-reinforced sole, which means it is stiff enough to transfer power. With it, you will not have to exert much effort in every pedal you make, and you can ride the bike longer! 

Closure Design

The women’s shoe uses the 3-velcro strap closure system. This kind of closure design is made for a precision ergonomic fit. You can experience the comfort and at the same time, ensure that the shoe will not come off easily.

With low-profile velcro straps, you will not have to worry about marks on your feet that become sore over time!


There are three things that make it ultra-comfortable, first is the velcro straps that make it easy for you to wear and get off the shoes when needed. Second, the breathable mesh that allows air to circulate inside it prevents sweat and foul smell build up. Finally, the stiff fiberglass sole that is beneficial for extreme cycling.


You’ll know you are looking at the best bike shoes for Peloton bikes when it is compatible with both SPD and Look Delta. This Tommaso Pista for women’s is available in SPD and Look Delta cleats. Each cleat comes pre-installed with the shoes. Take note, Look Delta cleats are the ones compatible with Peloton bikes and not the SPDs.

We Like:
  • Dual cleat compatibility – it has S  PD and Look Delta cleats
  • Easy to wear with its 3 low-profile velcro straps
  • Made of durable, synthetic leather
  • It has portions made of mesh for air circulation
  • Stiff fiberglass-reinforced soles
We Don’t Like:
  • Non-recessed cleat area
  • Difficulty walking due to fiberglass-reinforced sole


2. Venzo Bicycle Delta Cleats Shoes: Men’s Favorite Shoes for Peloton Cycling

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 1

For serious cyclists, a 9-degree float is enough to get the full Peloton experience. Apart from that, the textile lining and low-cut profile construction make the physical appearance look appealing to men!


For ultimate comfort and at the same time durability, it is made of quick-drying and breathable mesh with the synthetic upper layer. With this, you do not have to worry about sweat drying inside your shoes and causing it to produce a bad odor.

Closure Design

Like most cycling shoes, these Venzo shoes use 3 velcro straps as their closure system. The velcro straps are easy to remove compared to other types of closure systems. With this, you can get off and get in the shoes faster and more conveniently.


The footwear is made comfortable by its highly-breathable mesh parts. This kind of material allows for ventilation, which means the interiors will quickly dry.

Apart from the material, the closure system also enhances comfort and convenience. The velcro straps latch down to ensure the feet will remain secure inside the shoes. This means your feet will not experience chafing.


The cleats area is made versatile enough to cater to all your cycling needs. It is compatible with SPD-SL, SPD, Look Delta, as well as Speedplay. With these shoes, you have to buy the right pair with the perfect cleats. For Peloton bikes, go for the Look Delta cleats for suitable bolt fittings.

We Like:
  • Available cleats for SPD-SL, SPD, Look Delta, Crank Brother, and Speedplay
  • Highly-breathable mesh for enhanced ventilation to prevent bad odor build-up
  • Low cut construction for a light and fast fit
  • Removable sock liner
  • Has 9 degrees of float which means you can pivot 4.5 degrees inward and 4.5 degrees outward
We Don’t Like:
  • Fits only medium-sized men’s feet


3. Tommaso Strada 100: Best Shoe for Men

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 2

Made with precise ergonomic fit for men, this Strada 100 enables you to get the best cycling experience with your Peloton bike. Thanks to its material, closure system, and appealing build!


To keep the shoe quality regardless of the external condition, the upper layer is made from durable synthetic leather. And to help keep the feet cool and prevent odor build, some of its portions are made of mesh. Finally, it has a fiberglass-reinforced sole that is best for those who wish for stiff soles.

Closure Design

For a convenient and secure closure system, it is designed with 3 velcro straps. They attach tightly to keep the feet inside the shoe during extreme cycling. Conversely, it releases quick and easy removal of shoes.


With mesh portions that ventilate the shoe well, 3 velcro straps that secure the feet inside and prevent chafing, as well as padded interiors, this Strada 100  surely offers a precision ergonomic fit. Its soles are made to reduce exerted energy or force for longer and faster rides.


Its compatibility with Shimano SPD-SL, Look Delta for Peloton bikes, Look Keo, Speedplay, and SPD is the main reason why this pair is the best for men serious about cycling.

We Like:
  • Versatile and compatible with every pedal system
  • Low profile hook and lock Velcro straps
  • Fiberglass-reinforced soles for longer rides
  • Mesh portions increase ventilation
  • The upper layer is made of durable synthetic leather for long-lasting use
We Don’t Like:
  • It has non-recessed cleats which means they are difficult to walk on pavement


4. Venzo Bicycle White: All-Around Peloton Friendly Women’s Shoes

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 3

This women’s white Venzo cycling shoes are considered all-around footwear as it is not only suitable for Peloton bikes but also for almost every type of pedal system! With this, it is deemed one of the best women’s shoes for a Peloton bike.


The upper or external layer of the shoes is made of synthetic leather with highly-breathable mesh. It is durable and protects the feet from sweat and bad odor. The interior lining is made of textile and removable sockliner if ever it is needed for orthotic accommodation.

Closure Design

To keep your feet secure inside the shoes, it has 3 low profile velcro straps. It keeps attached and comes loose quickly when being removed. The velcro straps are made of quality materials, which prevents it from losing its effectiveness.


When it comes to comfort, the interior of a shoe is the most vital part. It has an interior textile lining and removable sockliner that is a foam-padded mesh. Apart from the inner materials that make it comfortable, the outer part is made of mesh as well, which allows quick release of heat.


It is compatible with all SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo, and Look Delta-style pedal systems. Make sure to get the shoes with the right cleats to fit on your cycling bike’s pedals. For instance, get the Look Delta for your Peloton bike for a full cycling experience.

We Like:
  • Versatile and compatible – it fits SPD, SPD-SL, Look KEO, and Look Delta pedal systems
  • Has low-cut construction that allows for more ankle movement
  • Removable sockliner
  • Advanced hot-sealed low profile Velcro straps
We Don’t Like:
  • Fits only medium-sized women’s feet


5. Shimano RP2W: Women’s Favorite Peloton Cycling Shoe for the Price

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 4

Every cent you spend on the RP2W is definitely worth it. Durable and affordable, it is yet one of the most reliable cycling shoes that enables you to enjoy every cycle rep you make with your Peloton bike.


Made of tough, stretch-resistant, synthetic leather for long-lasting use. Some portions of the shoes are made of mesh that allows for extreme breathability. Especially for those whose feet get a lot sweatier when cycling.

 Closure Design

With its triple asymmetrical velcro straps, the shoes effectively prevent discomfort when putting effort into pedaling. The velcro straps are firmly attached to prevent the feet from adjusting, which causes chafing. It makes medium-sized feet fit snugly in the shoes.


For extreme comfort, the shoes have foam-padded tongues and breathable mesh, which allows for the transfer of power. Apart from that, it has an extra-cushioned tongue for enhanced comfort for the ball of the toes when extreme cycling.


These types of shoes are available with SPD and Look Delta cleats. Needless to say, these are the two most common types of pedal systems that are used in spin classes. For your Peloton bike, make sure you buy the shoes with Look Delta cleats. The package may not always include the cleats.

We Like:
  • Fiber-reinforced nylon soles for durability and ease of riding
  • Compatible with SPD and Look Delta pedal systems
  • Extra-cushioned tongue and asymmetrical velcro straps for extreme comfort
  • Breathable mesh that allows for effective ventilation which prevents sweat and odor build-up
We Don’t Like:
  • The shoe sizing chart may not be accurate
  • Resistant to stretching but not very resistant to scratching


6. Tommaso Strada 200: Peloton Bike Shoes for Women

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 5

For all the ladies who attend regular spin classes, participate in road biking, or fitness riding, look no further! This Strada 200 is the perfect fit for you.


For durability and long-lasting use, it is made of synthetic leather. Other portions of the shoes are made of mesh that keeps your feet cool. It prevents bad odor by allowing the air to pass through the mesh portions.

The sole of the shoe is made of fiberglass to ensure the right level of stiffness.

Closure Design

The closure system of these cycling shoes consists of a ratcheting top buckle alongside two more velcro straps to keep the foot locked in place. Its buckle doubles security so that the foot remains comfortable inside and, at the same time ensures it will not slip off the shoe.


To increase the comfort of wearing the shoes when extreme cycling, it has a padded foam inside where the foot can rest. Portions with mesh extend up to the toes area so that ventilation occurs in the entire footwear.

A top strap secured with a buckle should give you the confidence that your feet will remain inside regardless of the extremity of your cycling session.


The shoes come with cleats that are 2-bolt and 3-bolt compatible. These are particularly suitable for SPD, SPD-SL, and Look Delta pedal systems.

We Like:
  • Reinforced fiberglass for steady and stiff soles that increases optimal power transfer
  • Top buckle strap that works in unison with 2 velcro straps
  • Some areas are made of mesh to ensure ventilation
  • Compatible with 2 and 3 bolts – SPD, SPD-SL, and Look Delta cleats
We Don’t Like:
  • The cleats are not recessed which means it might be difficult to walk in it


7. TriSeven Premium: Nylon Triathlon Cycling Shoes

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 6

If you are practicing with your Peloton bike for a big Triathlon event, then these TriSeven cycling shoes present you with a worthy investment. It is durable, well-ventilated, and ensures an ergonomic fit.


Made mostly of carbon materials, this Triseven cycling footwear boasts of its ultra-lightweight design. In particular, it uses synthetic, microfibre nylon, and breathable mesh. To ensure it remains light, its soles are constructed with carbon as well. Finally, its footbed is made of breathable textile.

Closure Design

If all the previous models in the list use 3 velcro straps, this one has only one wide front strap. Despite the smaller number of straps, it is wide, which triples its latching strength. Having one wide strap ensures the pressure is concentrated in one area.


The fact that it is lightweight already makes the entire shoe comfortable and convenient to carry. To make it even more comfortable to wear, it has mesh portions that extend from the sides and towards the toes area.

In addition to all that, it has one tall heel loop, which makes wearing easier and faster.


To enhance its versatility, the shoes have cleats that are compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo, and Look Delta. These are the common pedal systems used in triathlons. So if you are practicing your agility and strength using a Peloton bike, it is best if you get the Look Delta cleats.

We Like:
  • Single, wide front strap with reflective elements for the safety and security of foot placement
  • Carbon fiber plate embedded in the sole to enhance responsive feel
  • Single heel loop for easy transitions, especially when wearing it
  • Made of synthetic, microfibre nylon with breathable mesh
  • Textile footbed for added ventilation
We Don’t Like:
  • Since there is a single strap, getting the wrong size may deliver discomfort, especially when the feet get thrust in a forward manner


8. Zol Peloton Carbon : Road Cycling Shoes 

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 7

While 3 velcro straps are deemed suitable for cycling, this Zol Carbon delivers optimal security with its Rollkin lacing system and single front strap. It is best for road cycling and, of course, for Peloton bikes when exercising at home.


Made of 100% carbon fiber sole, this pair of shoes are ultra-lightweight. The sole acts like a spring that enhances a responsive feel. It helps propel you forward while maintaining its softness. The external or upper layer is made of synthetic leather with some mesh parts.

Closure Design

The closure system consists of a Rollkin lacing as well as a single velcro strap found in the toe area of the shoe. This allows for increased security through knotting.


From its carbon fiber sole down to its 4 drainage holes that remove water and sweat from the insides of the shoes, it is indeed designed to keep your feet cool throughout your cycling activity. What’s more? There are two tear-drop shaped mesh areas to enhance ventilation.


The model comes with cleats that are compatible with Look Delta or Keo, SPD-SL, SPD, as well as Speedplay, and Time Road. Indeed, it is versatile and ultra-compatible with all road pedals.

We Like:
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Has 4 drainage holes that work together with meshed areas for complete ventilation
  • Made of synthetic leather with no stitching fabric joints for a clean look Versatile and compatible – it comes with SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo and Delta cleats
We Don’t Like:
  • Despite the security of the lacing system, it still takes time to wear and remove the shoe especially during time-constraint occasions


9. Diamondback Clipless: Another Peloton Cycling Shoe for Men

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 8

Famous among cyclists, these Diamondback shoes are the perfect companion for Peloton cycling, especially for men. It is considered one of the best men’s shoes for a Peloton bike, thanks to its amazing features!


Outsoles are made of rigid nylon-fiberglass composite with mesh fabric for enhanced ventilation. While the insoles consist of washable perforated EVA and soft spandex lining to prevent chafing.

Furthermore, this perforated EVA is an amazing shock absorber and has excellent shape retention. This means no matter the pressure you put on it, the shape will remain in its original mold.

Closure Design

Like most cycling shoes for Peloton bikes, it uses a 3-strap closure with strong velcro to hold and secure the feet inside. You never have to worry about slipping your foot out of the shoe, especially during extreme cycling.


Aside from its ventilation features, it uses TPU walk pads for the toes and heels. This class of plastic is made to be elastic and resistant to oil, grease, or any abrasion. It greatly improves walkability and overall comfort.


It is compatible with 3-bolt Look Keo or Delta cleats as well as SPD-SL cleats. Surely, your Peloton bike at home or in your spinning academy will accept the use of this pair of shoes.

We Like:
  • Nylon-fiberglass composite with mesh fabric for its outer soles
  • Enhanced TPU walk pads at the toe and heel parts
  • Compatible with Look Delta, SPD, SPD-SL pedal systems
  • Washable perforated EVA insole and spandex lining that are soft to increase comfort
We Don’t Like:
  • Plastic components may not be very durable


10. Tommaso Veloce 100: Triathlon Cycling Shoe

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 9

If you’re looking for a lightweight triathlon shoe that is compatible with SPD-SL, SPD, Look Delta, as well as Speedplay pedal systems, then this Veloce 100 is the right pair for you!


It is made of synthetic leather for durability and long-lasting use, no matter the harsh conditions it is subjected to. The soles are designed with fiberglass to enhance stiffness levels for efficient power transfer.

For ultra-ventilation, there are some parts of the shoes that have mesh fabric where air can pass through. This prevents sweat from getting stuck inside, which causes a bad odor.

Closure Design

Its closure system uses a low profile hook and 2 lock velcro straps. The upper strap is wider than the lower strap to keep the feet secure inside the shoes.


For ease of transition, particularly wearing it on, the shoes have a heel loop. Ergonomic fit is guaranteed with its fiberglass-reinforced sole for stiffness that allows you to cycle with power.

Finally, this pair is unique amongst all the shoes on the list because of its open tongue design that enhances its ventilation.


For maximum compatibility, the shoes have SPD-SL, SPD, Look, and Speedplay cleats. This enables you to use the shoes through all kinds of pedal systems. For Peloton bikes, make sure to get the Look Delta cleats with the shoe package.

We Like:
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole
  • Durable, synthetic leather
  • Ultra ventilation efforts with its open tongue design and mesh fabric
  • Compatibility with SPD-SL, SPD, Look, and Speedplay pedal systems
  • Heel loop for a quick and easy transition
We Don’t Like:
  • Non-recessed cleat area which may cause some difficulty when walking


11. Pearl iZUMi Women’s Select Road v5

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 10

The Pearl Select Road v5 is the perfect balance between beauty, performance, and price. It boasts of advanced ventilation technology to prevent odor and sweat from getting trapped inside. This model is designed for those who are serious about cycling and plan to get into triathlon events.


The upper part of the shoes is made of advanced 3-layer seamless composite that offers exceptional ventilation. It eliminates hot spots in the shoes by adapting to the shape of your foot. Apart from that, it has synthetic soles and textiles, which enhances durability for long-lasting use.

Closure Design       

Its closure system consists of an anatomic 3 velcro strap that eliminates pressure from the instep. How so? The anatomic strap takes the shape of your foot.


For ergonomic fit, exceptional breathability, and overall comfort, the shoes are made of materials like the 3-layers composite. Apart from that, it is the only shoe on the list that has an enhanced closure system that increases the ease of use.

It also prevents chafing as your feet are secured inside the shoes, regardless of the extremity of your cycling.


The shoes come with cleats that are compatible with all kinds of pedal systems. Make sure to obtain the right cleats to go with the shoes.

We Like:
  • Advanced 3-layer seamless composite material that enhances the comfort factor
  • Eliminates hot spots in the shoes through portions that are made with mesh fabric
  • Nylon forefoot inserts for improved stiffness while maintaining a light weight
  • 3 anatomic velcro straps for increased comfort
We Don’t Like:
  • The size chart is not accurate


12. Giro Techne  Women’s Cycling Shoes

12 Best Shoes For Peloton Bikes: Spin With The Right Pair 11

The final product on the list is nothing short of amazing cycling shoes with straightforward details as well as features. This Giro Techne women’s shoes is the best women’s cycling shoes for peloton bikes designed for beginners who wish to embark on their newfound passion.


The insoles are made of die-cut, which is the most effective method of adding a balance between comfort and performance. They allow the interiors to remain cooler and drier.

Outsoles, on the other hand, are designed with a synthetic material that is both resistant to scratch and stretch. Finally, the soles are made of injected nylon to achieve the right level of stiffness.

Closure Design

It uses a hook and loop velcro strap closure. With 3 straps, you can have the confidence that your feet will remain inside the shoes. This is effective and suitable for those who perform extreme Peloton bike cycling.


The materials used for its insoles, outsoles, as well as soles, are all meant for comfort. In particular, the footbeds are made of die-cut insoles that allow for enhanced ventilation to keep your feet dry and almost odorless.


Its cleats compatibility is universal. Meaning you can get shoes with SPD, SPD-SL, Look Delta, and Speedplay cleats to suit the pedal systems that you have on hand.

We Like:
  • Durable synthetic material that allows for long-lasting use
  • Comfortable die-cut footbed
  • Stiff sole made of injected nylon for enhanced power transfer
  • Universal cleat compatibility – suitable for SPD, SPD-SL, Look Delta, and Speedplay
  • 3 hook-and-loop Velcro straps
  • Breathable mesh to prevent bad odor from being trapped inside
We Don’t Like:
  • Might offset your budget


Considerations Before Buying the Right Shoes for a Peloton Bike

Unlike buying regular rubber shoes, looking for cycling shoes requires you to look at not only the comfort but also its compatibility with the pedals. To put you in the right direction, take a look at these major factors we gathered for you!


We’ve been talking about the materials and structure of shoes that makes a pair the best shoes for a Peloton bike. Of course, who does not want to use cycling shoes that are comfortable and take care of your feet? Apart from getting the right size for your feet, make sure the pair of shoes you are getting has the length and the width designed for easy wear.

A shoe that has a simple buckle or velcro strap is the fastest to slip-in and out. Now, isn’t that what comfortable means?


There is no better material other than a breathable mesh. Regardless of your gender or how much you sweat, this kind of material works wonders to avoid sweat and dirt.

Of course, we all know the smell when both sweat and dirt mixes. That is one thing we don’t want to ever happen, especially when we are in the gym!


One of the most important considerations you have to make when buying cycling shoes is its compatibility with the pedal of the bike. Compatibility entails the ability of a shoe, cleat, and pedal to fit each other.

A cleat is a piece of metal that bolts onto the shoe and clips into the pedal. For example, Peloton bikes mostly accept SPD, which has 2 and Look with 3 bolts. A retention system pressure is another feature that a good cleat has.

It is the adjustable setting of how “tight” your cleat should be locked-in to the bike’s pedals.

Closure Design

While the trendy aesthetic design will always be the eye candy of any shoe, try to look at its functionality as well. One of the most obvious designs that cycling shoes have is the closure system. With this, search for the ones with a velcro strap.

Whether you are a beginner or a cycling enthusiast, cycling shoes for men and women need to have a modern closure system to effectively perform the exercise. A good closure system allows you maximum support to avoid accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I wear running shoes for cycling?

No, you MUST not. Since running shoes do not have the same sole and design as cycling shoes, your foot might constantly slip. You overwork your quads, which lead to discomfort and serious injury as you repeatedly adjust the ball of your foot to the center of the pedal.

2. Do I need cleats for my cycling shoes?

It’s a big yes! The best cycling shoes for Peloton bikes are ones with cleats. These cleats attach to the pedals, which makes it easier for you to pedal the bike.

3. Which closure system is best?

Laces, boa systems, and ratchets are some other common methods of closure. Yet, the most affordable choice is velcro straps. In addition to that, shoes with velcro strap closure are easy to wear and remove.

4. Are SPD and Look Delta compatible?

To know about the compatibility, you have to determine the bolts. It is the number of contact points or screws that a cleat has with the bike shoe. In this case, SPD has 3, and Look has 3. Yes, they are compatible since they share the same number of bolts.

5. Do clips in cycling shoes make a difference?

Yes. In fact, there is a huge difference. If you have been cycling with your regular running shoes and shifted to cycling shoes, you will definitely realize you have been working out your legs the wrong way.

Clips that are found on the bottom of cycling shoes are created to fit the crevices of the bike’s pedal. Just imagine how easy it would be to cycle if your shoes are attached to the pedals!


Wrapping Up!

Cycling shoes are tremendously important for serious cyclists. While running shoes are made to be comfortable, they bend with each step and flex around the foot.

Whereas, cycling shoes have a thicker and stiff bottom, which holds the pedal better. With that, I recommend you to look for the best shoes for a Peloton bike for effective and comfortable exercising.

Prevent any injury or discomfort, and get the full experience of cycling with an amazing pair from the list. Consider the major factors that make a comfortable pair. With plenty of options, I’m sure there is one that best suits your interests and preferences!

David P. Lopez

David is an expert on the bike and his hobby is biking. He has experience over 8 years. Based on his experiences he is sharing his thought about the bike and bike-related products. so a beginner can learn something from him.

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