Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022


Mountain biking is as thrilling as it sounds. Ask any outdoor enthusiast and we’re sure that he/she can’t agree more.

But it’s a point to agree equally that finding the right mountain bike is a hard nut to crack. Given that, there are dozens of brands and hundreds of models, anyone can get overwhelmed and make a wrong choice.

And guess what, they regret it like nothing else.

But worry not. You are not going to be one of the regretters as long as you’ve managed to land on this web page. We’ve hand-picked the 5 best full suspension mountain bikes under 4000 from the market. And to make it more consumable, we’ve explained the core features of each.

Sounds interesting so far? Put your mountaineer hat on, and let’s go-

1.Diamondback Bicycles Atroz Full Suspension Mountain Bike—-bicycle under 4000Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022 1

Full Suspension Aluminium Frame

The first features that stand the Atroz out are its single-pivot, full-body suspension. There is the 5” travel Recon with the RL air-sprung fork, and that’s going to give you the most comfortable mountain ride ever.

Strong Brake with Ample Stopping Power

It’s a game of break and acceleration, while it’s a serious mountain riding day. Keeping that in mind, the Shimano Hydraulic Brake is kept to a state-of-the-art level.

To be noted, the brake works wonder while associated with the 180mm rotors at both front and rear.

11 Gear(Speed) Options to Choose from

Having a number of speed options is always a blessing while you’re driving crazy on those sloppy mountain tracks. Powered by the SRAM NX 11 gear system, you can enjoy the liberty of 11-speed variations to choose from.

The ‘Perfect’ price-quality Blend

We know that for many of our readers, this matters the most. Thus, we’ve kept an eye on whether the features that come along with Atroz are worthy or not. And our verdict is- it’s one of the most balanced blends of affordable price and featureful specs.

  • Full body suspension with the aluminum frame.
  • Sealed cartridge bearings for consistent performance
  • 11-speed choices from the SRAM NX 1×11
  • Shimano MT200 disk brake with 180mm rotor.
  • It comes with a convenient rear shock as well.
  • Surprisingly affordable price point.
  • A bit bulky in terms of weight.


2.Diamondback Bicycles Release 3 Full Suspension Mountain Bike –Under $6000Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022 2

A-Frame that’s Crafted with Utmost Care

There might be a handful of aluminium-chassis bikes out there. But very few of them are as well-crafted as the Release 3 from Diamondback. The artfully shaped and precisely butted can be the backbone of your bumpy ride along the trails and mountains.

11 Speed Variation, Backed by Shimano

Shimano- the trusted brand had found its place within this bike into the speed-adjustment slot. Provided that, there is the reliable Shimano XT 11 speed control, you can shift among 11 different speed variations as per your need.

And the shifting from gear to gear is 100% accurate. No jamming or so is expected to take place ever, as long as you’re operating it right.

A Bike for Serious Riders(Privateer)

Among all of the aluminum-made mountain bikes of the ‘Release’ series from Diamondback, the Release 3 is the most premium one. It’s the right suit for people who’re serious about mountain biking, and the price follows the legacy. Given every essential feature, there are a number of add-ons that extreme sportsmen can’t help loving.

A Handful of Sizes

Not many bikes you see on the market would give you a range of sizes to choose from. Luckily, Release 3 is one of those rare kinds. Starting with the small one, you can go for the medium(17”), the X-large one(21”), and finally, the large one.

  • Well crafted aluminum frame
  • 150mm travel fork with rear shock
  • 11 speed variations
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • High-end Maxxis tires
  • A handful of size choices
  • Slightly overpriced


3. Release 4C Carbon Mountain Bike—-Mtb under 4000

A Stiff Chassis Made of Carbon Fiber

The best selling point of Release 4C is its carbon fiber-made chassis. It has several advantages over even the best aluminum-made bodies. It’s stiffer, lighter, and comes with a promise of longevity for years.

The Level Link Suspension System

As you know, suspension is the most deciding factor for a mountain biker. And with the Level Link suspension, Release 4C is going to check every box.

Because of this special suspension system, the chain forces will be completely isolated from the trail inputs. That of course stops the suspension from bobbing while you’re stomping right on the peddle.

Shock Mounting Made Easy

As we’re talking trailers and mountain bikes, it’s beyond words how important the shock mounts are. On that note, Release 4C had been taken care of with the Fox Float rear shock mount. On top of that, there is the 150mm travel from the float fork.

Therefore, the bumpy ride that you’ll face while you’re on the bike, won’t bother your comfort and focus to a good extent.

  • Carbon fiber chassis with stiff built.
  • The level link suspension system
  • No bobbing while the rider stomps on the pedals
  • Smooth and bump-free ride
  • 12 speed variations
  • Slicing through lines is quite easy with it
  • No size variations provided by the brand

4. Diamondback Full Suspension Mountain Bike—-best trail bike under 4000

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022 3Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022 4

Great for Riding on Rocks and Roots

As long as it’s about mountain biking, it’s obviously the bumpy and harsh road that bothers you. Provided that the Diamondback Release 1 is backed by the industry-leading Level Link suspension, that’s going to hold you back.

Due to such suspension, the suspension becomes extremely plush the moment you hit the harsh and slippery part of the road. For any rider, that’s a blessing.

A Firm Precision in Steering

Steered a wrong way for even a second, and you’re at a life risk while it’s mountain biking. So, it’s important to keep the steering precise. And Diamondback had done exactly that with this bike.

Due to the Thru-axle front and rear, stiffness is provided to the steering system of the bike.

Tubeless Tires for More Traction

For on-road commuting, it’s a different case. But for mountain biking, tubeless tires are the rider’s first choice. With this bike, you’re getting a couple of 27.5” wheels, which are tubeless and easier to control.

A Balanced Price-point

Although we have discussed a number of Diamondback bikes in this list, this is one of those models that can be called ‘the best of both worlds. It suits well within the benchmark of 2000 dollars, and that’s ensuring every essential feature that mountain bikers want in the first place.

  • The suspension is extremely plush
  • Perfect for riding on roots and rocks
  • Strong aluminum chassis
  • 27.5” tubeless wheels
  • Perfect for day-long mountain biking
  • Good price point
  • Not the lightest one in the market

5. Diamondback Bicycles Release Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022 5Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under 4000 in 2022 6

High Quality Carbon Fiber Suspension

Release 4C is another of the Carbon-fiber made bikes that come with extreme stiffness and are lightweight in them. Compared to any other frame material, this is regarded as more durable and suspension-rich.

130mm Rear Suspension

You know how important the rear suspension is while you’re riding mountains, right? On that note, the 130mm efficient and supple rear suspension will be for you on this bike. On top of that, the level of link implementation is another plus.

Eagle 11-50T Single Ring Drivetrain

In case you’re out camping and want to enjoy bike riding as well, there is the 11-50T single ring drivetrain for you. You can tackle the steep climbs of the mountainy road while you’re on this bike. And that’s definitely going to uplift your sports experience to the full extent.

  • 130mm efficient rear suspension
  • The frame is made of light weight carbon fiber
  • It comes with a rear shock mount
  • The suspension level is quite supple
  • It makes steep climbs easy for the rider
  • The maintenance might be troublesome after long use

Buyer’s Guide for Best full suspension mountain bike under 4000

As you have gone through 5 of our best full suspension mountain bikes under 4000 in this review, it’s time to wrap things up. But before that, we would like to hone up your purchase decision with a set of buying guides at this point. This will help you to understand the basic know-how in order to pick up a good-quality mountain bike.

The Body

Although, aluminum-made frames are pretty much the most convenient standard in the industry. But if you are really looking for an ultra-durable and lightweight mountain bike, you can also think of Carbon fiber.

But compared to aluminum, carbon fiber frames come to be extremely pricey. So, considering the budget, it’s still possible to find good quality mountain bikes within budget.

The Suspension and Grip

As long as we’re talking about mountain bikes, it’s an important thing to keep in mind that those roads are nowhere near to the smooth, on-road tracks. There are bumps, rolls, and surfaces that are very hard to even walk.

So, while you’re making your choice, keep the suspension and the grip quality in mind. Keeping an eye on the suspension system and the tire would let you beware of those facts before buying.

Gear Variation

Once again, it’s another concern of a mountain biker to maintain firm control of his speed. And that directly points toward the speed diversity that a mountain bike comes with.

Brands like Shimano and Sram provide really high-end control on the gear along with a number of speed variations. On top of that, the speed transition from gear to gear also happens to be quick and swift. That’s a prime demand of any biker from his mountain bike.

The Traction of the Tire

It’s not a distant past when mountain bikers were not with so many options to choose from, as long as tire traction is concerned. But now, my friend, it’s 2020 and you can definitely ask more from your bike.

While riding on the bumpy mountains, having a set of tires with great reaction is important. Otherwise, God forbid, it can lead you to a terrible slip-down anytime, anywhere within the mountain.

The Size 

Well, as long as it’s about the size, every person has his/her own preferences. But before going with a particular size, make sure that it’s the right suit for you, your body, and your capacity for control. Otherwise, it might lead to utter discomfort instead of a thrilling ride.


FAQ(Frequently Ask Question)

1. Question: Tube or tubeless- which kind of tires provide more traction?

Answer: As long as the tire traction is concerned, tubeless tires are the clear winner here.

2. Question: What is the perk of a carbon fiber frame over an aluminum frame?

Answer: Carbon fiber frames are lighter in weight and more durable. But the aluminum ones are cheaper in price.

3. Question: Do I have the scopes of customizations for any of these bikes?

Answer: If you hold a certain level of expertise in customizing mountain bikes, then any of these will be customizable.

4. Question: How important is it to have precise control over the steering?

Answer: As long as the safety and smoothness of a mountain bike ride are concerned, having a firm steering system is a must.

5. Question: What are the smallest and largest size of frames of a mountain bike?

Answer: Well, that depends and varies from brand to brand. As long as the picks we’ve chosen are concerned, 17 inches seems to be the smallest one and 23 inches is the largest one.

Bottom Line

Alright, it’s time to wrap up. Hopefully, you’ve got it right about each of the mountain bikes that we’ve picked. As long as a budget of 4000 dollars is concerned, we are certain that you can find the right choice of mountain bike. All you need to check is your personal compatibility.

Happy mountain biking!


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