Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews]

Riding a bike to the fullest of its throttle is quite an adrenaline rush, we agree. 

But when it’s about regular commuting on a road bike, things are quite different than that. No matter if you’re beating the traffic or moving within nearby places, safety and comfort are the two things that you’d care about. 

On that note, the first thing to look for is to ensure that it is the best flat pedals for the road bike. It should lie within the sweet spot between comfort, safety, and budget. 

Dealing with a lot of bikers, we know the struggle very well. And hence, we’ve hand-picked 10 of the best-rated flat pedals for road bikes and other kinds of bikes in this list. For honing up your buying decision, we’ve backed the whole thing up with an extensive buyer’s guide. 

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Recommended Best Flat Pedals For Road Bike

  1. Alston Road Bicycle Aluminum Pedal – A Masterpiece with Brilliant Design!

Best flat pedals for road bikeBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 1
A Simple But Tough-Built Pedal

Unlike those pedals that look like more of a spider web, Alston Road Bicycle Aluminum Pedal provides a simple yet tough build. With CNC-induced 6061 aluminum, the machining and rigidity are just perfect when it’s about durability and protection. 

Anti Skidding, All The Way

We have seen brands provide nodes to stop the toe of the user from skidding. But this one that we’re talking about doesn’t only provide anti-skidding nodes, it also makes the whole body preventive against skidding. That’s a big plus if you’re a regular rider. 

A Durable And Compatible Axle

Just like the body, all of the other parts of this pedal are made of CNC-specific design. Therefore, it is no wonder that the axle of this pedal provides one of the most durable ones. Also, it’s compatible with a handful of bike varieties including mountain bikes, BMX bikes, road bikes, foldable bikes, etc. 

Lubricated and 100% Sealed Bearing

To provide utter smoothness and efficiency in your riding, the three ball bearings in this pedal are made completely sealed and lubricated. You’ll enjoy a blend of stability, smoothness, and noise-free runtime throughout your way on your bike.

  • Made of 6061 CNC-manufactured Aluminium alloy.
  • Keeps the weather and dust out.
  • It comes with an anti-skidding body with 10 nails.
  • The steel spindle is of Chrome-molybdenum.
  • Comes in either White-blanc or black-red combination.
  • Doesn’t have any light reflectors.


2. Boruizhen Road Bike Platform Pedals– No Slippage or Tripping Fear!

road bike padelBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 2
A Pedal Made of High-end Nylon Fiber

If you’re looking forward to a smarter alternative to metal flat pedals, the nylon fiber-made Boruizhen Road Bike Platform Pedals are right up for you. Along with that, the Chromoly steel spindle will add to the durability further on. 

An Environment-proof Ball Bearing Design

Assuming that the bike will go through a lot of mud and splashes, the ball bearing system is made to be 100% environment-proof. This, of course, prolongs the lifespan of the bearing system, which is, of course, one of the biggest headaches for bike riders. 

Made to be Grippuy with 16 Nails

On the surface portion of the Boruizhen Road Bike Platform Pedals, there are 16 anti-skidding nails. In terms of the number of nails, this is one of the highest ones that we’ve seen so far. Therefore, your ride will be completely skidding-free. 

A Lightweight Pedal Set for You

If you want to keep things light while you’re riding, you’d fall in love with the lightweight design of this pedal. This is mostly because they’ve used Nylon fiber instead of aluminum or steel.

  • Made of nylon fiber instead of metal.
  • 16 anti-skidding nails on the pedal surface.
  • Lightweight and simple design with big space for the feet.
  • With the 9/16” thread, it’s an easy-to-install pedal.
  • Completely sealed ball bearing area.
  • Longer durability with easy-to-install features.
  • The anti-skidding nails are non-replaceable.


3. BV Universal Bicycle Pedals – The Sturdy & Long-Lasting Pick!
Bike Pedal SetBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 3

Prevents Skidding While You’re Riding

As it’s a popular demand from bikers, this couple of BV Universal Bicycle Pedals comes with nodes that will prevent skidding of your toes while you’re riding the bike. While your toes are wet, or when you’re riding on a rainy day, this feature will be your best friend to keep you safe from accidental falls. 

Better Riding with Improved Ball Bearing 

The ball-bearing system is the core of any pedal-to-bike mechanism. With this pair of pedals, the bearing system comes as an improved one. As a consequence, your experience while you’re riding will be smoother than ever. On top of that, it will not reach stress to your toe while you’re riding long tracks. 

Resin-made One-piece Design

As long as it’s about durability, the resin-made design will be on top of any other competitor models in the market. Along with that, the support that’s made of boron steel alloy will ensure further durability. So, no chance of collapse or breaking even if you use it for the long term. 

Safe to Ride In Night As Well

If you can see it in the picture of this pedal, there is a yellow reflector on each side of the pedal. It reflects lights that come from the forward direction. So, it will be helpful to avoid your bike and other vehicles.

  • Anti-skidding node design.
  • One-piece construction with steel alloy.
  • It doesn’t reach stress to toes.
  • Smooth ball bearing system.
  • Safety reflectors on both sides.
  • Plastic pedals might not be the best for durability.


4. MDH PVA01 Touring City Road Bike Pedals– The Beginner’s Choice!

Touring City Road Bike padelBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 4
Treads to Grab Your Shoes on The Place

Instead of typical nodes, this MDH PVA01 comes with a set of threads across both surfaces of each of the pedals. This is efficient when it comes to holding your shoes in place while you are riding. Even, you don’t need to wear professional biker’s shoes in this regard.  

Strong Aluminium Body

If you look closer to the pedal, you can see two metal plates embracing each other to form the body. And the plates are made of aluminum alloy. The design of these plates is accurate and comes from a CNC process. Therefore, it’ll be more durable and safer than many typical(and cheap) pedals on the market. 

An Aesthetic Design

The combination of a black and a metal-white plate along with the pins make it together a great pedal to look at. It’s stylish, and aesthetic and goes with the mindset of every rider who loves to ride with style. 

Replaceable AL 7075 Pins

The AL 7075 pins that are across the body, are replaceable. In case you want the pedal(and the bike) to be more lightweight, you can just take off a few of the pins and make it happen.

  • CNC-designed aluminum plates.
  • Nodes to grab the shoes while riding.
  • The AL 7075 pins are replaceable.
  • Stylish and aesthetic.
  • Extremely anti-slipping pedals.
  • A bit bulky in terms of weight.


5. Schwinn SW76173-4 Flat Pedal– Strong Metal for Durability!
Universal PedalBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 5

A Pedal That Fits Every Bike

One of the biggest selling points of this Schwinn SW76173-4 is- that it’s a jack of all trades. What we mean is, these pedals have got a dimension of ½” along with a pedal adaptor of 9/16”. This makes it a perfect fit for all of the bike cranks out there. 

CPSC Approved Reflectors

If you love to ride at night with your bike, the CPSC-approved light reflectors on both sides of this pedal will be your safeguarding tool. Compared to the usual reflectors, this one has got better visibility. And this even works in low light conditions as well. 

A Body Protected from Rust Buildup

Often with metal pedals, you might have seen the protective coat decay, and eventually, rust takes over it. But as the Schwinn SW76173-4 is not made of metal, it will have no exposure to rust buildup. And that’s a big plus if you think long-term. 

Raised Poles Around The Perimeter

To make sure that the grab between the pedal and your shoe is good enough, there is a set of raised poles. And as it’s across the whole perimeter of the pedal, it will provide you with a swift and strong grip against slipping off.

  • Fits to every kind of bike cranks.
  • Non-metallic, rust-free design.
  • Raised poles across the whole perimeter.
  • High visibility reflector for night-time riding.
  • It comes at a good price.
  • Not a pedal for professional bike riders/sportsmen.


6. BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals– Pedal Freely with Flexible Design!

BONMIXC Bike PedalsBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 6
Ultra-premium Built Quality

The #1 UPS of BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals is, that it has got one of the toughest built quality in the market of pedals. The core material is the AL6061 aluminum alloy. Where there is a coat of oxidation on top of that to make it protective against corrosion, rust, and whatnot. 

24 Hexagon Heads to Prevent Skidding

This flat pedal might be flat in its core. But there are 24 solid hexagon heads made of stainless steel. The job of all of them is to prevent skidding while you are riding fast or riding in a wet environment. So, you’re more than 100% safe with these pedals on your bike. 

Wide Foot Platform

As it looks, these pedals are wider than many. To be exact, the dimension is 4” x 4.6” 1.01”. For people who’re thin to even bulky ones- this size will be a  comfortable one to put your feet on and ride as you wish. 

Quite Easy to Install

The structure might give you a wrong message, but BONMIXC Bicycle Pedals is easy to install set of pedals. You will have all essentials with the box itself. Also, the hexagon heads are replaceable.

  • High-quality aluminum alloy built.
  • Has got 24 Stainless Steel hexagon heads.
  • It provides a nice grip to prevent skidding.
  • Wide dimension to suit all types of riders.
  • Easy to install with given kits.
  • Not a kids-friendly pedal for bikes.
  • Quite pricey for irregular use.


7. RockBros Mountain Bicycle Pedals– The Safe Choice for Beginners!

ROCKBROS Bike PedalsBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 7
A Perfect Aluminium-Chrome Combination

Well, we’re talking about the built structure of the RockBros Mountain Bicycle Pedals. The body itself is made of aluminum alloy, whereas the steel bearings are made of chrome-molybdenum. As this combination goes, it’s going to be one of the toughest and most durable pedals for any mountain bike around. 

Wide Platform with Non-skidding Pins

The surface of the pedal is as wide as 4.09 inches. On top of that, there are 10 anti-skidding pins on both sides of the surface. The pins are made of stainless steel as you’d see in other good quality pedals. So, it is a safe and convenient pedal to ride with indeed. 

Suits Some Bike Variations

As the name says, you might have got the wrong idea that this pedal suits only mountain bikes. But that’s entirely wrong, as we’ve found it compatible with a wide array of mountain bikes, road bikes, foldable bikes, BMX, and even MTB. The 9/6 inches standard spindle size is the reason behind such compatibility. 

Comes in Two Colours

This is not a direct feature of the product. But what this provides does not come with even many other models in this list. The one that we’ve picked up is Black. It is also available in Blue color as well.

  • Aluminum alloy body with Chrome-molybdenum bearings.
  • Wide and easy to drive even in racing events.
  • 10 stainless steel pins to make it anti-skidding.
  • It comes in two colors.
  • Simple and easy to install design.
  • The axis in the middle might not be quite comfortable to pedal on.


8. Beauty Star Universal Cycling Pedals– Less Friction, More Smoothness!

Beauty Star Bike PedalsBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 8
Less Effort with The Special Ball Bearing Design

There are 3 ball-bearing systems in this Beauty Star Universal Cycling Pedals, which makes it a perfect and swift connection to the shank. And all it will result in is less friction and therefore, 30% less physical effort to run the bike compared to similar pedals.  

Ultra Lightweight Design

Each of these pedals comes up with a weight of 155 grams only. If you’ve been familiar with what lightweight pedals can do, you can understand how effective such lightweight will be while you’re riding. Especially, if it’s a sports bike, it’s almost mandatory to equip lightweight pedals like Beauty Star Universal Cycling Pedals. 

Suitable to Many Bike Types

This set of pedals is not suitable for every bike under the sky. But with the internally recognized screw thread, you can install it on mountain bikes, bicycle motocross, folding bikes, road bike, railway wheel, and even cyclotron bikes.

  • Steel axle with magnesium body.
  • It provides less friction and lessens effort.
  • Universal fit to all MTB and BMX bikes(and more).
  • Sealed type ball bearing.
  • Smart price-quality ratio.
  • A little hardship will be the installation.


9. XQXA Road Bike Pedals– Climate Friendly Choice!

XQXA Mountain Bike PedalsBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 9
Quality Meets Budget

Our first impression of the XQXA Road Bike Pedals is, that it’s a perfect blend of quality and budget. It’s made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a coat against rust and similar issues. And the whole thing comes with a very reasonable price as well. 

Quite Wide and Anti-Skidding Design

The surface of the pedal is 4.9 inches wide and 4.1 inches long. For almost every type of foot, that’s the ideal measure when it comes to bicycle pedals. On top of that, there are 18 pins around the perimeter which will stop wet skidding while you’re riding. 

Easy to Install on Any Bike

The standard-fit for most bikes is 9/16 inches, and the XQXA Road Bike Pedals come with that exact valley. Therefore, you can easily install it on any bike including BMX, MTB, Cruisers, Folding bikes, and road bikes.

  • 18 anti skidding nails on the top.
  • Aluminum alloy built along with a black coat.
  • Wide and comfortable surface.
  • Easy to install on almost all of the bikes.
  • The reflector is not that great.


10. MEETLOCKS Aluminum Body Bike Pedal– Foothold Ability for Extra Safety!

MEETLOCKS Bike PedalBest Flat Pedals for Road Bike in 2022 [Top 10 Reviews] 10
Concave Shaped Design

About the MEETLOCKS Aluminum Body Bike Pedal, one of its specialties is its concave-shaped design instead of flat ones. This is, as a matter of fact, easier to ride when it comes to sports and regular riding. Also, it provides some pedaling efficiency as well. 

Replaceable Anti-skidding Pins

Just like any good pedals of these days, the MEETLOCKS Aluminum Body Bike Pedal has got 6 replaceable spindles on each side of the pedal. In two pedals, you will have 24 such needles in total. 

Easy to Install, 2-piece Design

This pedal comes with a spindle diameter of 9/16 inches, which is pretty regular. Therefore, you can install this two-piece design with any bike out there.

  • High quality, CNC-implied designed.
  • Concave shape for better usability.
  • 2-piece design that suits most bikes.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • The needles are anti-skidding and replaceable.
  • It provides quite some pedaling efficiency.
  • Some sporty bikers don’t like the concave design.


Buyer’s Guide for Best Flat Pedals for Road Bike

If you’re in pursuit of the best flat pedals for road bikes, you might have checked out the 10 pedals that we have discussed so far. But as there are several varieties in terms of features and benefits, we want to hone up your purchase decision further. 

Therefore, here goes the extensive buyer’s guide that would help you understand the nitty-gritty of flat pedals, and therefore, choose the right one right away. 

Material First

As you know, you are going to put a good amount of pressure on a pedal while you’re riding the bike. If it’s a regular and long usage we’re talking about, then the pressure will be regular. 

On that note, the material of the pedal has to be rigid. The most convenient option in this regard is Aluminium alloy. If you think that’s too pricey or heavy, you can go for plastic pedals anyway. But you need to keep an eye on the quality of the spindle anyway. 

The Size of The Pedal

This might sound insignificant sometimes, but the area of the pedal surface plays a big role in how comfortable you will be while riding the bike with it. 

Usually, anything above a dimension of 4 inches x 4 inches is good. But in case you have a flat foot, you might be looking for something a bit wider. 

Protection Against Skidding

If you’re running fast on a wet or rainy day, the pedals of your bike are going to be wet. And there is no prevention of that. 

But to make sure that your toes or feet don’t skid off, the pedal comes with anti-skidding needles or nails. These are spread around the perimeter of the pedal, which provides a good friction force between you and the pedal itself. 

While shortlisting your favorite pedal, make sure that the pedal comes with enough skidding prevention. Especially, if your road bike is going to be in a wet environment, then keeping an eye on this factor is a must. 

Compatibility to Your Bike

Usually, many companies nowadays manufacture bike pedals that are compatible with mountain bikes and BMX bikes. But what we need to concentrate on here is- is it also compatible with road bikes as well? 

Well, the quickest way to check it is to measure the screw thread. Usually, most road bikes come up with a screw thread hole of 9/16 inches. In that case, you should check out the screw thread diameter of the pedal you’re considering, and make sure that it’s a perfect match. 

Price Quality Ratio

Needless to say, it’s quite an important factor for almost any sort of user. But if you want to go extremely cheap with the bike pedal, that will be a completely wrong decision all the way. 

What we would rather suggest is- to maintain a good price-quality ratio. Meaning? Well, check out the materials, features, compatibility, etc, and make sure that the price you are paying is for the features you need. 

Otherwise, going after expensive pedals just because they look nice won’t make any sense at all. 


Question: Do all pedals fit all bikes?

Answer: Not necessarily. But the pedals that we are talking about in this list, are good in terms of compatibility. But for further assurance, check the screw thread diameter of both your bike and the pedal. And make sure that it’s a perfect match. 

Question: How do I know my bike pedal size?

Answer: The pedal size of a particular bike is not definitely if you’re talking about the width and length of the pedal. From person to person, it might vary. You can check for your feet’ size, and find a pedal that can house that well. 

Question: Which one is better between flat pedals and curved pedals?

Answer: Flat pedals are more comfortable to use. On the other hand, curved ones are perfect for grip and fast-riding. So, if it’s a regular commute on a bike, go for flat pedals. On the other side, if it’s for sports purposes, go for the curved ones. 

Question: Do I need special shoes for flat pedals?

Answer: If you’re up to professional bike racing or mountain biking, you need specialized shoes only dedicated to that sort of activity. Otherwise, if it’s regular use, normal shoes are just fine. 

Question: What is a good budget for a professional bike pedal?

Answer: If you point at sporty usage, we would say $25-30 is a good budget to grab a perfect one. Regular users, on the other hand, can go under $20. 

Bottom Line

Thanks for being patient enough to go through this 3500 words guide that talks about 10 of the best flat pedals for road bikes. Throughout the discussion, we’ve tried to touch all sorts of the possible variations of features that these pedals come with. 

Being guided in this way, we hope that you’d be able to make the perfect choice of on-road bike pedals. Keep an eye on the warranty policies and return conditions while purchasing in the final moment. 

Happy riding!

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