8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022

There’s no alternative to having the best bike for wheelies, especially if you’re a professional. Stability and comfort are the two things for being in control of your bike’s movement. And only the best ones can achieve them.

Wheelies may seem fun, but the wrong bikes may take the fun bit out of it. You might be asking if I’m trying to discourage you from doing wheelies. It’s the opposite. I’m trying to equip you with the right tool. There are several types of bikes you can use, but getting to know them is the challenge.

Top Available Bicycle for Wheelie



8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 18 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 2

Mafiabikes Wheelie Bike Cruiser Bike

  • Rear disc brake

  • 26 inch

  • wheelie seat

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 38 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 4

Schwinn Bonafide Mens Mountain Bike

  • 24-speed 

  • Rear mechanical disc brakes

  • 29" tires

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 58 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 6

Tony Hawk Freestyle BMX Bike

  • Front and rear caliper brakes

  • Front and rear pegs

  • 48 spoke wheels

In this article, you’ll get to know exactly what to look for and get some answers to some commonly asked questions.

 Our Recommended Best Bikes for Wheelies

There are plenty of options to choose from for doing wheelie tricks. Everyone has their favorites, and I do too. By analyzing the products in the market and customer experiences, I chose my top 8 bikes for wheelies. Here are their brief reviews.

1. Diamondback Bicycles Hook 27.5 Hardtail Mountain Perfect Bike for Wheelies

Best Bikes for Wheelies8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 7

Although I don’t prefer mountain bikes in case of stunts and tricks, some of them do get my attention. Diamondback’s Hardtail bicycle is one of them. In terms of performance and durability, it’s a top contender in my favorite list.

Build Quality:

It has an aluminum frame designed in the latest low-slung progressive geometry. This geometry improves rail riding performance that’s reinforced by the 120 mm Suspension fork at the front wheel.


Nowadays, mechanical brakes are getting replaced by hydraulic ones, but here you’re getting the powerful Tektoro Aries disc brakes which are not hydraulic. This mechanical brake won’t disappoint you.


It has a pair of 27.5-inch wheels, which is fit for any average-sized adult. The build is a double wall made of durable DB SL-7, and it’s fitted with serrated shoulder tires.


The price is a bit high considering the features, but you’re getting top-quality parts. An ergonomic handle and a single-ring drivetrain provide smooth maneuverability.

What You’ll Love:

The progressive low-slung geometry is a perfect fit for leaning backward for doing wheelies. And the rough tires with serrated patterns make it easy to hold the position more comfortably.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Lightweight
  • Progressive low-slung geometry frame
  • Powerful mechanical brakes
  • Good tires


  • Pricy
  • No rear angle support bar


2.  Mafiabikes Medus-Jah Medusa 26” BMX Wheelie Bike

best bikes wheelie8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 8
Medus-Jah Medusa is a simple manual BMX bike from Mafiabikes. Continuing their quality series of bikes, you can see that it’s made for stunts and tricks, although the shape is a bit different than top-tier BMX wheelie bikes.

  • Build Quality

Its frame kind of followed the low-slung progressive geometry of mountain bikes. I liked the approach, and it’s a chromo DT frame. Despite it having the same-sized wheels, this geometry will allow you to lean back with good support from the frame. The tapered fork at the front is welded heavily.

  • Brakes

It has a break at the rear wheel, and it’s a Hydraulic Tektro disk brake. Hydraulic brakes are high-performance and will provide instant brakes that are greatly needed when making bike tricks.

  • Wheels

With a 26-inch wheel, this isn’t a kid-friendly bike, but it’s quite beginner-friendly in terms of doing wheelies. Both the wheels are of the same size.

  • Others

No suspension, although it’s only for off-road biking, is a negative to me. The seat is adjustable, and that’s a plus point since big boys can ride this adult bike.

What You’ll Love

I think you’ll appreciate its lightweight frame and the hydraulic brake at the rear. During wheelies, its low-slung frame provides comfort during leaning backward. And the Lagos 2.5 snakeskin tires is the world’s first tire made specifically for wheelies.


  • Lightweight Chromo DT frame
  • Good frame geometry
  • Adjustable seat
  • Hydraulic Tektro brake


  • No rear angle support bar
  • No suspension
  • Only off-road biking


3. PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 98 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 10
It doesn’t get any simpler than this PL BMX bike. For beginners and professionals alike, this is the second-best BMX bike for wheelies in my eyes. My favorite one is kept for the last. Redline has kept this in an affordable price range.

  • Build Quality

The full-frame is made from Chromo alloy, which has a medium carbon content with a bit of molybdenum. You might not know, but this combination is stronger than the carbon steel alloy. So a lighter frame is achieved by using thin tubing.

  • Brakes

It has one Tektro 930AL Linear Brake at the rear wheel. I would’ve liked a front brake as well, but a rear brake is enough for doing basic and some advanced stunts.

  • Wheels

The wheels are 26 inches with a moderately rough tire that struggles. I suggest that you change the tire as soon as you get it.

  • Others

Although there’s no support bar, the joint is reinforced with two welded thick plates. The handle is that old V-shaped one and a bit high, which some people might not appreciate as I didn’t. It’s a personal choice.

What You’ll Love

The simplicity makes it a low-maintenance bike. It has a shorted chain that gives more control over its speed and easy leaning backward for doing wheelies. I found the front fork to be quite strong that should take care of any wrong landings.


  • Lightweight Chromo alloy
  • Shorter chain
  • Good linear brake
  • Affordable
  • Reinforced rear-wheel joint


  • No rear angle support bar
  • A bit high and old handlebar design


4. Mongoose Mountain Bike Fireball 

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 11
With a sporty visual to it, this Mongoose mountain bike will attract the eyes. But is it enough for regular rides and wheelies? We’ll find out soon. But as far as the customers are concerned, there are mixed feelings about it.

  • Build Quality

It features Mongoose’s 6061 aluminum dirt jump frame with an angled horizontal tube. Aluminum alloy is known for its balance between strength and low weight.

The suspension is reinforced with a pair of 100mm traveling shock absorbers. There’s no support bar at the back, but the joint is strong with a small bar welded between.

  • Brake

Tektro’s Novela mechanical disc brakes at both rear and front wheels give the bike enough stopping power for your needs.

  • Wheels

Thanks to the Alex dc-26 double rim support, the wheels will withstand any wrong landings. And the 2.35 inch thick tires give enough friction with the road to perform long wheelies.

  • Others

The handlebar has a curve to it with a 31.8 mm difference. You’ll find it to be quite comfortable and easy to steer with. And for regular riding, the 8-speed cassette and X4 shifter are more than enough.

What You’ll Love

I’m fond of the progressive geometry frames in mountain bikes as it makes riding high grounds easier. You’ll find that this geometry comes in handy for wheelies as this design is optimum for withstanding the whole body weight during wheelies.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Strong brakes
  • 8 speeds
  • Ergonomic handlebar


  • Mechanical brakes need frequent maintenance
  • No rear support bar


5. Apollo DB-X18 – Best dirt Motorcycle bike for wheelies 

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 128 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 13
This DB-X18 is the only motorbike on this list, and it’s from Apollo. I think dirt bikes are the best and safest options for doing wheelies as they’re a lot lighter and easy to handle. And this one is the best of them.

  • Build Quality

The mainframe and power parts are made of steel, and they are quite dependable. It’s powered by a 125c, 4 stroke engine with a single cylinder.

Quality power supply and efficient wheel function are guaranteed. This bike has an upside fork absorber at the front and a mono-shock suspension at the rear wheel. It nicely balances the pressure created during wheelies.

  • Wheels

At the front, you’re getting a bigger 17-inch wheel and a 14-inch one at the rear. With a set of rugged tires, you shouldn’t experience any slip or lack of friction on any surface.

  • Brakes

It has hydraulic brakes with a 4-speed manual clutch. You wouldn’t expect anything less on a dirt bike.

    • Others

As extra, it comes with gloves, goggles, and handgrips. The engine is air-cooled and does just enough for a fun bike.

What You’ll Love

With the 125cc engine, you’ll love the 6.5kw of power it provides. The smaller rear wheel makes it easy to balance the weight on it during wheelies, and the rough tires give enough friction to hold it there easily. It seemed good enough for recreational rides, and of course, stunts like wheelies.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Strong brakes
  • 8 speeds
  • Ergonomic handlebar


  • Mechanical brakes need frequent maintenance
  • No rear support bar


6. Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er – Best Mountain Bike for Wheelies to learn

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 14
If you’re fancying mountain bikes for doing your wheelie tricks, then you might want to take a look at this one from Tommaso. It has been a favorite of mine for quite some time and not for mere admiration! Let’s take a look at what Gran Sasso offers.

  • Build Quality

The whole body is made from aluminum alloy, which is lightweight with dependable durability, even in rough and rocky roads. At the rear wheel, there are angle support bars for supporting the frame. The Shimano drivetrain in this Gran Sasso provides a smooth wheel movement.

  • Brakes

It’s got a pair of M315 hydraulic disc brakes in both the wheels, and the stopping power is commendable. As long as you take care of it, you’ll have instant brakes every time.

  • Wheels

With a pair of 29er wheels, it has a good bit of clearance that makes riding more comfortable. The ruggedness of the wheels will help you during those sharp-angled wheelies.

  • Others

A good strong 680mm handlebar improves corning and handling during high speeds. The gear system is simple, and it needs a few rides to get the hang of it. But you might want to try the neutral gear for doing wheelies.

What You’ll Love

I appreciated the stability it gets from the support bars at the back. With aluminum in the alloy, the body is light and sturdy. The frame handles stress beautifully during wheelies. It’s the best mountain bike for wheelies, but if you’re a beginner, I suggest the last bike on this list.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Good hydraulic brakes
  • Rugged wheels
  • Rear angle support bars


  • Needs tuning before the first ride
  • Not for doing beginner wheelie


7. Schwinn Bonafide Men’s -Good Mountain Bikes For Wheelies

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 158 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 16
My second best mountain bike is this Bonafide bike from Schwin. This 29erhas one of the best frames and got an eye-pleasing look. A budget-friendly all-rounder, that’s all I can say about it. Let’s take a look at the overview.

  • Build Quality

Aluminum alloy frame and Schwin’s suspension forks at the front make up an unbeatable combination. It soaks up the hardest bumps of the road. You can expect long years of riding with this one. But I would’ve liked support bars at the rear.

  • Brakes

Both at the front and rear, you’re getting mechanical disc brakes, so you’ll have to do maintenance from time to time. That’s why it’s in second place. I prefer hydraulics, and you do too.

  • Wheels

It has high-profile double-wall rims made of alloy and both backed up by 2.25-inch wide mountain tires that will just fine for doing wheelies.

  • Others

The speed gear system on this bike is from Shimano with trigger shifters for easy and smooth speed change. I found the handlebar to be quite ergonomic, which makes a world of difference.

What You’ll Love

The stability and durability it provides are satisfying, and the suspension is one to thank for it. And also, thanks to the strong frame design, you can expect no mishaps or breakdowns during wheelies in the years to come.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Smooth gear shifting
  • Thick tires and strong rims
  • Powerful suspension


  • No angle support bar
  • Mechanical brakes need high maintenance


8. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park  Freestyle – Best BMX Bike for Wheelies

8 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 178 Best Bikes for Wheelies in 2022 18
The Tony Hawk walks the walk. It rhymes and perfectly shines in what it is meant to do. You’ll find many companies claiming but not really delivering on the promise. To me, Dynacraft is the best BMX bike for wheelies, due to its build quality, performance, and user-friendliness.

  • Build Quality 

The whole body is made of stainless steel, which is neither heavy nor super lightweight. I found the joints to be quite sturdy, and the body absorbs impact quite well, although it doesn’t have any spring suspension.

  • Brakes

Both of the wheels have quality caliper brake systems in place. These don’t feel rough or shaky in action. Braking distance is quite appreciable.

  • Wheels

It has a wheel with 48 spokes made of steel. They are quite dependable, and as long as you take care of it, it won’t give up on you soon.

  • Others

The bike has customized grips and a customized tony hawk design. A good addition was the pegs on both wheels to put your feet on for different stunts.

What You’ll Love

The sturdy build quality with the simple manual system is a joy to ride on, especially if you’re a beginner or you want to gift it to someone looking to learn bike tricks. It’s not heavy, and the tires are more than capable of taking pressure. Caliper brakes will prevent any serious injuries from happening.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quality caliper brakes
  • Stainless steel spokes
  • Wheel pegs
  • Perfect for beginners


  • No rear wheel support bars


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Bike for Wheelies

How do you determine the best bike for your need? There are certain factors that play into making that decision. I followed the same pattern to choose our top 8 list. And you should follow those points too. Below, I went over them briefly.

  • Material& Weight

Choosing the right material is vital as this will determine your bike’s durability and longevity. It will also have an effect on your bike’s performance while doing wheelies. Wheelies put much strain on the bike, and not all materials handle the pressure the same way.

The weight of your bike is a determinant factor for achieving stability. More weight means it’s harder to achieve stability on the rear wheel. Carbon fiber bikes are the lightest in the world right now, with almost 50% of the weight of aluminum and steel alloy bikes.

But let’s be real, carbon fiber, titanium bikes aren’t priced rightly for daily riding. Carbon steel bike frames are much heavier but stronger. And carbon steel and aluminum alloys are the two most favored materials. You can see here how the steel and aluminum frame differ from each other.

Another highly used material is Chromoly alloy, and it’s proved to be stronger than steel alloys. Detroit bikes showed where and why Chromoly bikes perform better.

  • Frame Geometry, Tubing, etc.

When you look for frames, there are things like geometry, tubing, and, of course, welding that come into play. You may want more aggressive ride characteristics than you need aggressive angles in the frame’s geometry. The tubing will defer depending on the material strength.

To understand more about the points above, you can check REI’s extensive guide to bike frames.

  • Bike Style

Mountain bikes, jump bikes, BMX bikes, motorbikes, which one should you choose? BMX bikes are created for these kinds of stunts and tricks. With small wheels and sturdy bodies, stunt bikers prefer them more.

Jump bikes and mountain bikes can be a choice too if you’re going to mix up regular riding and bike tricks. Motorbikes have been at the table of criticism due to the danger it brings for the riders.

  • Manual Bikes

I recommend buying a manual bike for stunts or tricks like wheelies. Buy a bike with a shorter chain as it makes controlling it easier.

  • Gears: Yay or Nay?

Should you opt for bikes with gears specifically for wheelies? I don’t recommend it if your sole purpose is doing tricks. But if you’ll do regular riding, then you can get one.

  • Suspension

Good suspension saves your bike from strain every time you land your bike. BMX bikes usually don’t have a shock absorber suspension system, while for mountain bikes, it’s a must. For BMX bikes, look for a strong, rigid fork suspension.

  • Adjustable Seat Height

You’ll have to experiment with your seat height while doing wheelies as the center of gravity is a factor. So having an adjustable seat is a no-brainer. All modern bikes do have them, and BMX bikes have more space for customization.

  • Tires and Rear Angle Support Bar

Having thick, wide, and rugged tires is a must in my view as friction with the road is a big factor when you’re riding on one wheel. Another thing is the support bar at the back of your bike frame, along with the rear wheel. You can place your feet on it and gain more support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best bikes for wheelies:

  1. What is a wheelie?

In simple terms, it’s a trick made by bicycle or motorcycle riders with wheels. Here the whole weight is put on the rear wheel by raising the front wheel while riding the two-wheeled vehicles. It’s also known as wheelstand, referring to standing on one wheel.

  1. How to do wheelies?

To accomplish the wheelie trick, you have to know how to ride a bike or a bicycle. Then when you’re riding the vehicle, you need to raise the front wheel upwards by leaning back so that your ride puts all its weight on the rear wheel.

And then continue to pedal down and pull the handlebars up. It’s simple to look at but needs a lot of practice. Motorcycle wheelies are more difficult to do due to speed.

  1. What type of bike is best for wheelies?

It depends on your experience of doing wheelies. If you’re a beginner, simple jump bikes that have shorter chains are better for you as these can be easily balanced on the rear wheel.

But that changes if you already know how to do perfect wheelies. Most prefer BMX bikes as these are lightweight and simple to use with smaller wheel diameters. Small wheels are more stable than bigger wheels of mountain bikes. They can endure the stress wheelies put on the rear wheels.

  1. Why are wheelies called manuals?

Although wheelies and manuals both have the same purpose of balancing on the rear wheels, they’re different. When you do wheelies, you have to keep pedaling and use the inertia of the movement to stabilize the bike on the rear wheel.

In manuals, you don’t pedal, but rather, you use your body weight to balance the bike on the rear wheel in a static position.

  1. Why do people do wheelies?

Wheelies are a form of art, and achieving the mastery of this art form, in the biker world is a huge feat. Everyone wants to do it because it shows off how much you know about your bike and how the relationship between you and your bike is.

Those who have mastered the art form have said that the trick is to start seeing the bike as your body’s extension. It gives the riders a sense of authority over what they do.

  1. Can you do a wheelie on any bike?

Theoretically, yes. You can achieve this feat on any bike. But bikes with heavy and big wheels are too unstable to control and need much strength to pull up the heavy wheels.

Bikes such as Harley-Davidsons are a good example of that. Other than that, any bike can be used to perform wheelies. Of course, bicycles are much easier rides with low weight. The weight can be easily concentrated on the rear wheel. The challenge with motorbikes is the speed control and balancing the bike together.

  1. How can I make my bike wheelie better?

Practice and practice; there’s no way around it. You have to become one with your bike. Understand your bike’s weight and speed and how it behaves in different positions.

Experiment with your ideas, and you’ll get the right balance. Find the most comfortable position and try to achieve it every time. As time passes by, you’ll be able to master the art form.

  1. Does the wheelie damage the bicycle?

As a general rule, wheelies aren’t bad for your bicycle. That being said, wheelies aren’t a natural outcome of bicycle riding. You have to force the bicycle into that position, and you know that it’s an uncomfortable position.

It puts too much pressure on one wheel, and the whole body feels the strain. So, yes, wheelies can damage the bicycle in the long run if you’re not careful. The best option is to use bikes like BMX or jump bikes for wheelies. Bicycles with a strong suspension system can absorb the strain much better.

  1. How dangerous are wheelies?

Wheelies are quite dangerous. It’s an unnatural position that threatens the health of you and your bike. If you’re not doing it correctly, it can mean a broken bike or an accident waiting to happen.

Beginner stunt bikers know the pain. There are many incidents of bad motorcycle wheelies causing deaths on the highway. It’s the irresponsibility that is to blame. Always play it safe, don’t risk your life to do tricks.


The buying guide should help you understand your bike better if you want to choose for yourself the best bike for wheelies. To sum up, my favorites are in order:

BMX Bike: Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park BMX Freestyle Bike

MTB: Tommaso Gran Sasso 29er Mountain Bike

Dirt Bike: Apollo DB-X18 Dirt Bike

I hope you’ve kept a keen eye on their reviews because, for your ease, you can pick any one of them, and you won’t regret it. Now, you can decide confidently. Remember to ride and do wheelies with safety. Don’t forget your safety gear.

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